How to Use/Helpful Tips

The Hole-In-White process, performed immediately following the golf cup being set, was designed to be efficient and easy to use. The patented formula is fast-drying and harmless to the turf and soil. Yielding over 80 holes per can, a single case of paint will last the everyday user up to 2 months. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you'll be on your way to a tournament- quality course.

How To Use
1) Set cup protector on inside lip of cup.
2) Position device over a freshly cut hole.
3) Slide HIW turf whitener into position over the device.
4) To activate spray nozzle, simply press down on can and turn in a uniform manner.

Helpful Hints
Shake can vigorously prior to use to ensure maximum product performance
Adjust spray height inside cup by adjusting screw in bottom of device
For best results, it's best to rotate can 2 times around quickly, in order to reduce drip and maximize coverage
Upon completion, turn can upright and activate spray nozzle until paint is cleared

How to Care
For maximum performance, maintain clean applicator by soaking in mineral spirits as necessary to eliminate paint build up

New Technology
In order to prevent dripping, we have created a golf cup protector to be used in conjunction with your applicator.


Hole in White - Feel Like a Pro

More visible target
Speeds up play
Less flagstick use
Differentiate your course and attract new players
Improve/upgrade course standards to tournament levels
Increase rounds of play